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PLS 3-Green Beam

PLS3-Green Beam–Trusted PLS Design Now with the Power and Brightness of Green Beam Laser Technology!
The PLS 3 is the “go to” point to point laser for the commerical electrician, HVAC, drywall and staging contractor. Now increase the visibility and potential distance by 300% with the green beam PLS 3. Plumb And Level Point-To-Point Alignment Information - The PLS3 Green Beam from PacifPLS 3 Green Beam Pointing Laseric Laser Systems means no more plumb lines swinging in the wind and makes traditional construction levels obsolete.


  • Lay out reference points faster than traditional, labor intensive construction levels
  • No more swinging plumb bobs
  • Plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground! Use PLS as your partner on the jobsite
  • Self-leveling: no time wasted with bubble vials
  • Turn it on and go to work
  • Take clear, stable reference points indoors and outdoors
  • The PLS3 laser provides point-to-point indoors and outdoors alignment information quickly and easily

PLS Lasers - the professional standard

Production framers, H-Vac, electrical contractors and industrial technicians will drastically reduce layout time for walls, fixtures, pipe, conduit, door and window frames, and more. The PLS3 is self-leveling to 6 degrees, and accurate to +/- 1/4 of an inch at +/- 100 feet. It’s compact, durable, and at just 12 ounces – the PLS3 is definitely portable. The cantilevered nose makes for easy sight of the down beam over tracks and plates.

Specifications: Click here to download a PDF Brochure on this product

  • Working Range: +/‐ 100 Feet (30 meters) 
  • Accuracy (all beams): +/‐1/4 inch @ 100 Feet (6mm @ 30 meters) 
  • Leveling: Automatic 
  • Self Leveling Range: 6 Degrees 
  • Power Supply: 3 “AA” Batteries 
  • Operating Time: 10‐12 Hrs. 
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 3 1/8”  Weight: 12 oz. (.33 kg.)  PLS 3 Package
  • Class II Laser Product

The PLS3 Laser Tool Includes:

  • carrying pouch
  • floor stand
  • magnetic wall bracket
  • operating manual
  • new 3-year warranty
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