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PLS 4 – Horizontal and Vertical Layout with Ability to Plumb Up And Down

With a combination of lines and points, the PLS 4, from Pacific Laser Systems, is fully self-leveling and has a working range of ±100 feet. The PLS 4 is perfect for any alignment or leveling task. PLS 4

PLS Lasers - the professional standard


The PLS 4 is a plumb, level, and square laser line tool with a combination of up and down points. It combines all the features of the PLS 180 and adds point to point plumb.

The PLS 4 comes with its own dedicated floor base and magnetic wall bracket. Use outdoors with our exclusive SLD detector which is included in the PLS 4 System.


  • Cross Line Accuracy: +/- 1/8" @ 30 Feet (+/- 3mm @ 10 meters)
  • Point to Point Accuracy: +/-1/4 inch @ 100 Feet (6mm @ 30 metersPLS 4 Package)

The PLS 4 Tool Includes:

  • PLS 4 Laser Unit
  • PLS 4 Pouch
  • Magnetic Wall Bracket
  • Carrying Case
  • Floor Stand
  • Operating Manual
  • Batteries
  • Effective May 1, 2011 New 3 Year to Life Warranty

The PLS 4 System Includes:

  • Everything Included With The Tool
  • SLD Laser Detector
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