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Futtura LT-800 & LT-810
Construction Lasers & Receivers
General Construction Sloping Interior  
Detectors Pipe Layout/Pointing  
General Construction
  Futtura LT-800 Automatic Rotating Laser
  Futtura LT-800

The Futtura LT-800 has a host of World-Leading features at an unbeatable price; it’s the perfect general construction laser for any contractor’s needs.
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  Futtura LT-810 Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser
  Futura LT-810   The Futtura LT-810  is an affordable, automatic true self-leveling single slope laser. Rugged, reliable, and accurate, the LT-810 is designed for any level or sloped application. It has an easy-to-use flat laser with LCD display for digital slope readout.
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  Futtura CR2+
  Futtura CR2+   The most accurate, reliable, durable receiver you can own, this Exterior Receiver features proven performance and reliability and can be hand-held or rod mounted. Now with strobe rejection filter.
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Futtura CR4
  Futtura CR4  

Huge 5” vertical reception height for easy laser beam acquisition.  New SuperCell patented laser reception technology eliminates traditional photocell breakage reducing downtime.  Digital readout displays distance to on-grade for quick grade checking.  True proportional arrows displayed on large front and back LCD make finding on-grade fast.  LED’s on front,
5 accuracy levels, loud beeper. Three year warranty. 
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Pipe Lasers
  Futtura PL-100 / PL-300 AT Pipe Laser

Futtura’s PL-100 Pipe Laser is the perfect laser for all your underground applications. Its compact size makes the PL-100 easy to handle and set up whether you work “over the top” or “through the pipe.” The +40% to -10% grade range make it a very versatile pipe laser and it comes with a 2 year warranty. The Futtura PL-300 AT has all the features of the PL-100 plus the AutoTarget System.
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Layout / Pointing Lasers
  Futtura CL2P3 / CL1H1V Crossline Layout Lasers
  Futtura CL2P3

The CL2P3 and CL1H1V series of lasers offer contractors a compact and fast way to find level, plumb, and the ability to transfer points at a fraction of the cost of other well know layout lasers.
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