Futtura EG2-D Automatic Control System

Dual Receiver Automatic Control System

Explore automatic machine control at an economical cost! The Econograde Control Systems provide accurate grading results in less time with less labor. With cutting-edge features, the EG2-D will put you in the driver’s seat.

With dual receivers, the EG2-D makes grading to tight tolerances a breeze. The dual 360-degree receivers give maximum laser reception and the system is accurate down to 2mm. The ability to change “on-grade” on the fly makes the system a favorite with operators. The EG2-D is an excellent choice for fine grading for concrete slabs on commercial sites as well as residential sites.

Dual elevation controls a variety of skid steer attachments:
  • Box blade
  • Grader blade
  • Dozer blade
  • Push blade

System Specifications:

  • Metal control box housing
  • 7” of receiver capture height
  • Adjustable on-grade offset
  • LCD display screen for operator interface
  • Easy to see LED grade indicator lights

The systems are versatile, efficient, economical, and durable with easy to use controls!

The Econograde Series currently consists of 4 levels:

  • EG1
  • EG1-M
  • EG2-D
  • EG2-S