Machine Control

Automatic Control Systems

Futtura EG1 Automatic Control System

Explore high end Machine Control at low end cost! The Futtura EG1 Automatic Control System is ideal for box blades, box scrapers, mini-graders, skid steers and concrete screeds. The EG1 includes Automatic Control Box, 360° receiver for rigid mast mount and 12/24V wire harness.

Futtura MCB1/ 2/ 3 Control Boxes

Futtura Blade Control MCB1 or MCB2 single control box and MCB3 dual control box offer automatic hydraulic control versatility.

Excavator System


iDig includes a sensor that measures pitch, roll and machine rotation. It is the most accurate product under the widest variety of applications.

iDig gives you affordable bucket position indication for all excavating equipment with 3 easy steps:

  1. Put the bucket teeth on the reference point.
  2. Enter your desired depth, slope or distance into the control box.
  3. Follow the LED Indications….It’s that simple!


Futtura CR5

The most versatile laser receiver in the industry, the CR5 can be hand-held, rod or machine mounted.

Futtura CR5-WD5 (wireless remote)

Enjoy the convenience of wireless technology!  Easy set up, no cables to worry about, ideal for any machine.

RD25 Remote Display for MCR-1w/ 2w / 3w

Enjoy the convenience of connecting wirelessly to a MCR1w, MCR2w or MCR3w receiver with the RD25. Also with the optional RAM mount, you can place the display anywhere in the cab.

Futtura MCR1w/ 2w/ 3w

All MCRw Receivers feature 360° reception, green on-grade LEDs, selectable accuracy, output for automatics, waterproof design and heavy duty construction. Ideal for grading, trenching and excavating.

Futtura MC2E

The Futtura MC2E has grade LED’s on front of receiver.  It is used with MCB and cable kit.