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GradeMetrix Dozer Grade Control System

GradeMetrix”‘ Dozer is packed with industry-leading technology. It is easy to use and delivered at an affordable price. The system can be installed and calibrated in less than 8 hours. 

The FR500 all-in-one mastless RTK Smart Antenna supports all machines ranging from smaller compact dozers to large mining dozers. 

The GradeMetrix system is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing site infrastructure using all the same design file formats and base station corrections. To ensure your peace of mind, all major components are covered by our best-in-class 3-year warranty.

New and experienced operators can dramatically increase accuracy, efficiency, and dependability with GradeMetrix, resulting in significant ROI in your operations right away.

GradeMetrix Key Features

Dynamic cut/fill indication to center or either side of the blade to allow operators to know the exact location and depth of their built or desired design surface without the time and cost of
grade-checkers and survey professionals.

2D, 2.5D, 3D operation modes all come standard. Operators can create pads to match an existing or required height, and create batters, ramps, and slopes all on-site from the cab within seconds.

Access to all GNSS satellite constellations for maximum accuracy and maximum coverage in difficult environments; including GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS.

Mastless system configuration, eliminates the need for cables in harms way on the blade.

Simplified user interface with multiple views including plan view, profile view, cross-section view, and more.

Supports industry standard file formats including: dwg, dxf, LandXML.

Easily locate lines and points yourself, checking work depths as you go.

Map projections or localized coordinate systems allow simple site coordination to existing coordinate systems or creation at new sites.

Operators visualize the site in real time, eliminating delays and enabling fast, efficient completion of all sitework.

Introducing 2.50 Grade Control

The embedded 2.5D function in Futtura’s GradeMetrix software allows you to use the GNSS Guidance Technology for a vast array of simple useful applications, without the need for complex 3D files from a land surveyor. 

Using only a few keystrokes you can easily create simple layers, single or dual slopes, ramps, and even roads; using your GNSS as a reference. 

No survey points, no local transformations, or projections needed. In addition to the 3D model benefits, the 2.5D functionality will significantly speed up your work cycles and dramatically reduce your ROI time.

Ruggedized Hardware

Futtura’s GradeMetrix Dozer solution is powered by hardware components that have undergone extensive shock, vibration, and environmental testing to withstand the harshest job site conditions. 

The system is designed in a unique format centered around the FR500 all-in-one Dual RTK Smart Antenna. The FR500, with its integrated UHF radio and GNSS receiver requires a single cable connection to the FMD-1 machine display, resulting in the most simplified installation and calibration procedure on the market, and is the result of multiple decades of experience merging GNSS technology with precision applications.

Your Benefits At A Glance


Fewer passes - Get to grade faster


Less rework


Use less material - Reduced transportation costs


Do your own stake out - Less grade checking - Less stake replacement


Less personnel around machines -Operator stays in machine


Primary components can be moved easily and quickly between machines


Best in class warranty


Lower initial investment - Faster return on investment

Excavator Solutions

FR5OO GNSS RTK Smart Antenna

• Dual RTK Smart Antenna for compact excavator• Multi-frequency, Multi-GNSS GPS/ GLONASS/ BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS capable
• Integrated 400 MHz UHF radio
• Powerful WebUI, ethernet, CAN, serial, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• IP69K and MIL-STD-810G

FMD-1 Rugged Machine Display

• High-resolution screen
• Powerful CPU for embedded applications
• Supports Linux and Windows OS options
• Connectivity with integrated cell modem

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