FMD-1 Machine Display

Rugged Machine Display for GradeMetrix Systems

FMD-1 is a next-generation rugged display and computer designed for tough and extreme conditions. Ideal for agriculture environments requiring an easy to read display, powerful 1/0, and flexible adoption into multiple applications.


FMD-1 is equipped with a 10.1″ edge-to-edge display containing a high-sensitivity touchscreen. Providing an IP65 rating, FMD-1 is designed to function in challenging environments including agriculture. Showcasing an outstanding image quality with a l 920xl 200 resolution, the FMD-1 is easy to read and use in low or high visibility scenarios. With the processing power of an Intel dual-core processor, the FMD-1 will handle large file transfers and complex file formats.

FMD-1 includes 64GB of flash memory with the option to extend the storage capabilities with a MicroSD card. FMD-1 runs on either Linux or Windows platforms.

Key Features:

• High-resolution screen
• Powerful CPU for embedded applications
• Supports Linux and Windows OS options
• Connectivity with integrated cell modem



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