Latec LT-10 Laser Transit

Easy To Use Laser Transit with 1,500 Ft. Radius Laser Range, with Front and Back LCD Display.
Futtura LT-10

  • Laser calibrated to crosshairs
  • Standard NiCd batteries and charger PLUS Alkaline battery pack
  • Built-in crosshair and display illumination
  • Simple, easy-to-use push button operation
  • Coaxial tangent and clamp screw
  • Auto power off option – set up over points quickly
  • Optical plummet – set up over points quickly and easily
  • Water-resistant, sealed construction
  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise horizontal angle measurements
  • Removable tribrach and fits standard 5/8” x 11 flat or dome head tripods
  • One Year Warranty

Applications:Click here to download a PDF Brochure on this product

  • laser range up to1,500 ft
  • provides maximum precision for elevation, locates and building layout